Enoch = dedicated. The first trace of the existence of this work is found in the

Epistle of (Jude 1:14 Jude 1:15) An apocryphal book called Enoch was known at a

very early date, but was lost sight of until 1773, when Bruce brought with him on his

 return from Egypt three MSS. containing the complete Ethiopic translation. In its

present shape the book consists of a series of revelations supposed to have been

given to Enoch and Noah, which extend to the most varied aspects of nature and

life. And are designed to offer a comprehensive vindication of the action of

Providence. Notwithstanding the quotation in Jude, and the wide circulation of the

book itself, the apocalypse of Enoch was uniformly and distinctly separated from

the canonical Scriptures. Its authorship and date are unknown.

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