(1)<----- Introduction. John - Conception. Gabriel's Visit to Mary. Mary's Visit to Elizabeth. Blessing of Mary. Hymn of Mary. John's Birth & Circumcision. Zacharias - Prophecy Fulfilled
(2) Historical Record - Taxation. Jesus - Birth - Angels Announcement, Presentation, Growth - Passover - Parent's Search
(3) John Preaching & Proclaiming. Baptism With Water
(4) The Temptation. Prophecy Given - Application & Illustration. Miracles: Demoniac, Simon's Wife
(5) Miracles at Gennesaret: Fish & Sinking Ship. Proclamation of The KING. Miracles: Leper, Parylitic. Call of Levi. Scribes & Pharisees - Jesus' Answer
(6) Tour on The Sabbaths: Corn Field, The Synagogue. Call of The 12 Disciples. Teaching - Blessing & Woes. Parable - The Blind
(7) Miracles: Centurian's Servant Healed, The Widow's Son Raised. Jesus' Testimony Concerning John - People & Pharisees
(8)Teaching - Parable of The Sower - Disciples Question - Jesus' Explanation. Miracles: Tempest Stilled. Demoniac Healed - Demons enter Swine and They Drown Themselves. Woman Healed. Sleeping Daughter Raised
(9) Mission of The 12 & Return. Feeding the 5,000. Sufferings - 1st Announcement. The Rejection of The KING. Miracle - The Lunatic Son. Disciples Instructions
(10) The Kingdom Near. The Joy of The 70. Thanksgiving - Revelation. Demand of Lawyer. Journey - Colloquy With Martha
(11) Parable - The Friend & Father. Miracles. Divided Kingdom & Strong Man's House. Parable - Rest & Spirits. Jesus' Answers to Their Thoughts - Jonah & Jesus. The Eye in The Body. Jesus' Answer to Pharisee & Lawyer
(12) Address to The Disciples & The People. Watchfulness For The Lord. Parable - Servants
(13) The Evil Generation. Parable - Fig Tree. Miracle in The Synagogue. The Kingdom - Entrance into It. The KING -Departure
(14) Pharisees House - Healing Man with DropsyParable - Marriage Feast. Parable - The Great Supper. Discipleship
(15) Address to Pharisees: 100 Sheep, 10 Drachmas, 2 Sons
(16) Address to Disciples - Parable - unjust Steward, Application re Mammon. Address to Pharisees - What they taught
(17) Address to Disciples. Apostles Request - Faith & Duty. Healing of the Lepers. The Kingdom Near. The Suddenness of the Coming of The Son of Man
(18) Parables: Unjust Judge, Pharisee. Infants Brought. Rewards of The Kingdom. Miracle - The Blind Man - Healed
(19) Call to Zacchaeus. Parable - The Nobleman & Servants - Their Reckoning, Censure & Punishment. Mission of The 2 Disciples. Events. Jerusalem - Commiseration
(20) Enemies - 1st Attack - Authority. Parable Against Enemies. 2nd Attack - Resurrection. Dilemma For Them
(21) The Poor Widow. Jesus' Answer. Prophecy. End Not Yet - Tribulation - The Great Tribulation. Illustration - Fig Tree
(22) Last Passover. Feast Prepared & Partaken & Events Following. Rejection of Kingdom Anticipated. The Agony. Treachery of Judas. Peter's Denial, Fall & Repentance. Jesus Led Away to Trials
(23) Led Before Pilot - Examination. Set to Herod - examination. Sent Back to Pilot - Compromise Proposed. Jesus Led Away to Death. Conspiracy Completed - Crucifixion - Jesus' Prayer - Crucifixion - Jesus Cry. Burial
(24) Resurrection. Journey to Emmaus. Jesus' Instructions. Return to Jerusalem. Proof as to The Past & Future. Jesus' Instructions. Blessings, Separation, Carried Up. Worship