(1)<----- God Speaking. SON of God: Glory in His Person & Work, Better than Angels
(2) God Speaking. SON of Man: God's Purpose - Not Angels, but Man, to have Dominion. Man's Equipment for Dominion - 1st Adam's Failure. Purpose Fulfilled in the Lord Jesus - His Fitness for Dominion, Vicarios Death, Perfected by Experience of Suffering, Qualified by Experience of Trials
(3) Mission of Christ: Apostle & High Priest, His Faithfulness - Greater than Moses. Warning - Condition of Belonging to The Lord's House & Being Partakers of Christ - Harden not Your Hearts, God's Oath, Unbelief
(4) The Rest Giver. Reason - God & His Word. Our Great High Priest - The SON of God & Man
(5) Priesthood - Ordination, His Offering for Sin, His Compassion for Others. Christ Called After the Order of Melchisedec: Christ High Priest, His & Peoples Salvation & Obedience. Exhortation - Milk & Strong Meat
(6). Exhortations: 1st Principle, Personal, Hope based on Illustrations of Earth & Rain on It, Promises & The Oath, Hope based on Illustrations of Heaven & Jesus having Entered Therein
(7) Priesthood of Messiah After the Order of Melchisedec: Greatness - Greater than Levitical Priests, His Priesthood Not Transmissible, Greater than Abraham, and therefore Greater than Levi, Change of Priesthood & of Law, The Lord's Greatness - Oath of God
(8) The Efficacy of Christ's Priesthood: A more Excellent Ministry - A Better Covenant on Better promises, Old & New Covenant Compared & Contrasted
(9) Earthly Sanctuary a Copy of The Heavenly Pattern, The Offerings, A Greater and More Perfect Tabernacle - His Own Blood
(10) The Offerings: Yearly & Daily Offering Ineffectual - offered Continually, Christ's Sacrifice Effectual - Once for All & Sits on The Right Hand of God - It is Finished. Draw Near to Christ Because He Is Accessible & Faithful. Warning in View of God's being the Living God. Patience in View of The Promise. Living by Faith
(11) Examples of Faith: Group of 3 - Abel, Enoch, Noah. Abraham & Sarah. General Reflections. Isaac & Jacob. Joseph. Moses & Parents. Israel & Rahab. 2 Groups - Faith Conquering With God & Faith Suffering For God. General Reflections
(12) Chastisement: Duty to Endure Chastisement - Proof of Love, A Mark of Sonship, Submission to Earthly Fathers, The Earthly Fathers as they meant well, They Heavenly Father for our Profit, The Fruits Afterward. Counsels & Encouragements: The Weak to be Helped, Peace with all, Holiness essential, Watching against Failures, The Warning of Esau's Disappointment, The Terribleness of Sinai, The Blessedness of Heavenly Jerusalem - Its Promise of Life. Shaking of the Earth & Heaven
(13) Exhortation. Strange Teaching & Disobedience Unprofitable. Servers of The Tabernacle. Sanctified People. Closing Requests & Doxology