(1)<----- Thanksgiving. Gospel Received in Power. Effect: Believers Wait for God's Son, Deliverance From Wrath to Come
(2) Their Teaching & Preaching The Gospel - God Their Witness. Comparison - As a Nursing Mother & As a Father. Thanksgiving - Gospel Received. Kenites Killed Jesus & Delivered Wrath to Come. Departure. Joy in Thessalonians
(3) Mission of Timothy. Joy in Thessalonians
(4) Exhortation. Walk as God. God's Will: Sanctifications - negative & Positive, Brethren - Do not Defraud, To be Loved. Be Stable & Walk Honestly. Those Who are Alive Cannot Proceed Those Who are Already Dead, Because They are Already in Heaven. Those That Are Alive Turn Into Their Spiritual Bodies at 7th Trump. Comfort One Another
(5) We Know The Day of The Lord. Satan's Work in Darkness. Gospel Armor. We are Appointed to Live With Christ. Comfort Each Other. Exhortation. Prayer. Conclusion