1 Thessalonians 3)

1 Wherefore no longer bearing it (i.e. i.e. able to bear it), we were well pleased to be left at Athens alone; (See Acts 17:15,16. When Silas and Timothy joined Paul, he and Silas must have agreed to dispatch Timothy to Thessalonica, and then Silas must have departed on some other mission. See in v.6 the change from "we" to "I".)

2 And sent Timothy, our brother, and minister of God, and our fellow-laborer in the good news of Christ, with a view to establishing you, and to comfort (or, exhort) you concerning your faith:
3 That no man should be moved (or, agitated) by these afflictions: for yourselves know that we are appointed to this.
4 For verily, when we were with you, we told you before that we were about to be afflicted; even as it came to pass also, and you know.

5 On account of this, when I could no longer bear,

I sent to know your faith, lest by some means the tempter (Satan) tempted you, and our labor be in vain. (See 2:1, and cp. 2 Cor. 6:1. Gal.:2. Phil. 2:16.)

6 But now when Timothy came from you to us, and brought us good tidings of your faith and love, and that you have good remembrance of us always, desiring greatly to see us, as we also to see you: (Love of the Word is a great bond.)
7 Therefore, brethren, we were comforted over you in all our affliction and necessity by your faith:
8 For now we live (eternal life), if you stand fast in the Lord.
9 For what thanks can we render to God again for you, for all the joy wherewith we joy on account of you before our God;
10 Night and day praying exceedingly that we might see your face, and might perfect the shortcomings of your faith?> 11 Now God Himself and our Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ, direct our way to you.
12 And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all men, even as we do toward you: (This is the way the gospel, i.e. the good news, is spread.)
13 To the end He may establish your hearts unblameable in holiness before God, even our Father, at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ with all His saints. (At the last trump)

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