(1) Benediction & Thanksgiving. Reproof. Questions & Answers. Christ & The Cross
(2) Commission Carried out. Wisdom of God - Revelation & Spiritual Judgment Needed
(3) Condition of The Corinthians. Reproof. Questions & Answers. Illustrations - "We" & "You". Application: Let no Man Deceive, For The LORD Knows, Let no Man Glory, All Things Are Yours
(4) Illustration & Application. Mission of Timothy
(5) Things Heard by Paul. Fornication - Crimination, Judgment, Injunction
(6) Litigation. Fornication - Amplification
(7) Things Written to Paul. The Unmarried, The Married & Unmarried, Circumcision& Servitude. Virgins
(8) Things Offered to Idols - Knowledge Brings Liberty to Oneself, Liberty May Cause Stumbling
(9) Apostleship Asserted & Claimed. Teaching of The Law & The Sanctuary. Claim Not Exercised by Paul. Reward
(10) The Mosaic Dispensation - Application. Gospel of The Kingdom Dispensation - Application
(11) Public Use of Spiritual Gifts & Reasons. About The Lord's Supper
(12) Spiritual Gifts: Instruction, Diversity, Saints, Many Membered Body, Interdependent, Church, Exhortation
(13) Love more excellent Than Gifts
(14) Prophecy Better Than Tongues - Reasons & Cautions
(15) Apostleship Asserted & Claimed. Gospel Delivered & Received. Claim Established by His Doctrinal Teaching. Resurrection Certain Because Christ Is Raised
(16) Visit of Paul. Mission of Timothy. Conclusion. Longer Note