M2  E  a  1. Prayer. "God be merciful".
        b  Object. Way known on earth.
         F  c  3. Injunction. "Let the people praise".
             d  4-. Effect. Peoples glad.
              G  -4-. Address. People judged.
              G  -4. Address. Nations governed.
         F  c  5. Injunction. "Let the people praise.
             d  6-. Effect. Earth fruitful.
    E  a  -6. Prayer. "God be merciful".
        b  7. Object. God feared on earth.

(A Song or Psalm.)

Psalm 67)

1 God be favorable (or gracious) to us, and bless us;
  And cause his face to shine upon us; Selah. (Connecting the prayer with the object of it v.2.)

2 That Your dealings may be known upon earth,
  Your salvation (saving help) among all nations.

3 Let peoples praise You, O God;
  Let all peoples praise You.

4 O let the nations be glad and sing for joy:

  For You shall judge the people righteously,

  And gently lead the nations upon earth (put for its inhabitants). Selah. (Connecting the righteous rule of God with renewed praise for it in v.5.)

5 Let the people praise You, O God;
  Let all peoples praise You.

d  x  The earth shall yield.
E   y  God will bless us.
     z  Our own God [Yehovah].
    y  God will bless us.
   x  All the ends of the earth shall fear.

6 Then shall the earth yield her increase; 7 God shall bless us;
  And all the ends of the earth (put for the inhabitants) shall fear him.

(To the chief Musician.)

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