G2  O  1-. The fool. God no-where.
     P  a  -1. Man. Depravity.
         b  2. God. Inspection.
     P  a  3. Man. Depravity.
         b  4. God. Expostulation.
    O  5,6. The righteous. God now-where.

(Instruction, a Psalm of David.)

(This Psalm for public use. Hence Elohim, the Creator in relation to His creatures. A partial repetition of Ps. 14, which was not for public use [as ps. 53 was]; therefore Yahaveh [David's God] there, and Elohim [the creature's Creator] here.)

Psalm 53)

1 The fool (may not this refer to Nabal?) has said in his heart, "There is no God."

Corrupt are they, and have done abominable deceit:
There is none that does good.

2 God looked down from heaven upon the sons of Adam,
To see if there were any that did understand,
That did seek God.

3 Every one of them is gone back: they are altogether become filthy;
There is none that does good, no, not one.
(Quoted in Rom. 3:1-12.)

4 Have the workers of iniquity no knowledge?
Who eat up my people as they eat bread:
They have not called upon God.

5 There were they in great fear, where no fear was:
For God has scattered (this is an addition to Ps. 14) the bones of him that encamps against you:
You have put them to shame, because God has despised them. (Here, the wicked are in question. In Ps. 14:5, the righteous.)
6 Oh that the salvation of Israel were come out of Zion!
When God brings back the captivity of His People,
Jacob shall rejoice, and Israel shall be glad. (I.e. bot natural and spiritual seed. See Gen. 32:28; 43;6; 45:26,28.)

(To the chief Musician relating to smitings.)

(This Psalm was edited for public use: Hence the title Elohim [God]. This refers to the smitings with words and acts. See v.5, which differs from 14:5,6.)

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