J  P  1,2. Halleluyah.
    Q  c  3-. Wrong trust.  Man.
        d  -3. Powerless.    "
         e  4. Mortal.       "
    Q  c  5. Right Trust.  Yehovah.
        d  6-9. Powerful.     "
         e  10-. Eternal.     "
   P  -10. Halleluyah.

(The 1st of the 5 "Halleluyah" Psalms concluding the whole book; each beginning and ending with this word. The 1st has Genesis as its subject; the 2nd, Exodus; the 3rd, Leviticus; the 4th, Numbers; and the 5th, Deuteronomy.)

Psalm 146)

1 Praise You The LORD. (Hallelu-YAH.)
Praise the LORD, O I myself.
2 While I live will I praise the LORD:
I will sing praises to my God while I have any being. (With my last breath I will praise the Lord.)

3 Put not your confidence in princes,
Nor in the son of man,

In whom there is no saving help. (Or salvation. Put your trust in God. Mortal man will let you down.)

4 His spirit goes forth, he returns to his ground; (Or dust. See Gen. 2:7; 3:19, and cp. Ecc. 12:7. Ps. 104:29.)
In that very day his purposes perish. (When man dies, his flesh returns to the earth. Do you trust God's Word, or the word of man.)

5 Happy is he that has the GOD (El) of Jacob for his help, (i.e. the God Who met Jacob [Gen. 28:13] when he had nothing [Gen. 32:10], and deserved nothing [but wrath, Gen. 27], and promised him everything. This title answers to the N.T. title "the God of all grace" [1 Pet. 5:10]. Happy indeed are all they who have this God for their God.)
Happy is he whose hope is in the LORD his God:

6 Which made heaven, and earth,
The sea, and all that therein is:
Which keeps truth for ever: (God created your soul, as well. Your Father always keeps His promises. His promises are truth.)
7 Which executes judgment for the oppressed:
Which gives food to the hungry.
The LORD looses prisoners: (God unfastens you. He cuts you loose from the troubles of this world, if you believe. Do you believe? Are you free? Or, are you imprisoned by the troubles of this world?)
8 The LORD opens the eyes of the blind:
The LORD raises them that are bowed down:
The LORD loves the righteous:
9 The LORD preserves the aliens;
He relieves the fatherless and widow:
But the way of the lawless He turns upside down. (God can give you eyes to see, or He can turn you upside down. It's your choice. Stay fastened to Him.)

10 The LORD shall reign for ever,
Even Your God, O Zion, to all generations.

Praise you The LORD. (Hallelu-YAH.)

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