G2/11  A  1-3. Waiting on Yahaveh.
      B  4. Reason. "For".
     A  5-7-. Waiting on Yahaveh.
      B  -7,8. Reason. "For".

(A Song of the degrees.)

Psalm 127)

1 Out of the depths (symbolical of distress. Cp. 42:7; 66:12; 69:2) have I cried to You, O LORD.
2 Lord, hear my voice:
Let Your ears be attentive
To the voice of my supplications.
3 If You, LORD (Yah), should mark iniquities,
O Lord, who shall stand?

4 For (or because) there is the forgiveness with You, (Namely that which Hezekiah gave thanks for in Isa. 38:17.)
That You may be feared.

5 I wait for the LORD, my soul does wait,
And in His word (as sent to Hezekiah by Yehovah through Isaiah) do I hope.
6 My soul waits for the Lord
More than watchers for the morning [while] for the morning:
I say, more than they that watch for the morning.
7 Let Israel hope in the LORD:

For with the LORD there is loving-kindness (or grace),
And with him is plenteous redemption. (Not only from the king of Assyria [Isa. 37], but from "the king of terrors".)
8 And He shall redeem Israel
From all his iniquities.

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