G2/4  H  1. Prayer to Yahaveh.
     J  2-. As the eyes...look.
     J  -2. So our eyes look.
    H  3,4. Prayer to Yahaveh.

(A Song of the degrees.)

Psalm 123)

1 To You I lift up my eyes,
O You that dwell in the heavens. (See 2 Kings 19:15)

2 Behold, as the eyes of servants look to the hand of their masters,
And as the eyes of a maiden to the hand of her mistress;

So our eyes wait upon the LORD our God,
Until that He be gracious upon us.
3 Be gracious upon us, O LORD, be gracious to us:
For we are exceedingly filled with the mockery. (Cp. 119:22, referring to Rab-shakeh.)

4 We are exceedingly filled
With the scoffing (the reference is to the scoffing of Sennacherib and Rab-shakeh [2 Kings 18:19-35; 19:8-13. 2 Chron. 32:10-19. Isa. 36:4-21; 37:8-13]) of those that are tumult,
And with the contempt of the proud oppressors.

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