(A Psalm of David.)

(Relating to the true David, and interpreted by Him)

Psalm 110)

1 The Oracle of Yahaveh (it is almost always used of the immediate direct utterance of Yahaveh Himself; seldom of that of the prophet; [Num. 24:3,15]; David [2 Sam. 23:1]) to my Lord (Adonai. i.e. David's Lord: i.e. the Messiah.), "Sit You at My right hand,
Until I set Your enemies [as] a footstool for Your feet."
(When death is done away with. Quoted in Matt. 22:41-46. Acts 2:34,35. Heb. 1:13)

2 The LORD shall send Your strong staff (the reference is to the ancestral staff, marking the priest as well as the prince, and handed down here to Messiah, David's son.) out of Zion: (Cp. Rom. 11:25-27.)

Rule You in the midst of Your foes. (Even today, His way.)

3 Your People [shall offer] themselves for voluntary offerings (see Ex. 35:29; 36:3. 1 Chron. 29:9,14,17. Ezra 3:5; 8:28), in the day that You war,
In the beauties of holiness (or in the holy mountains) [as the dew] from the womb before the morning:
I have begotten you [a son].

4 The LORD has sworn, and will not repent, (He will not change His mind)
You (i.e. Messiah [David's son and Lord], not David himself, who was not of the tribe of Levi) are a priest for ever after the order of Melchizedek. (= King of the just. Cp. Gen. 14:18. Heb. 5:6,10; 6:20; 7:1-28. 1 Pet. 3:19. His priesthood was unique, and did not pass to another, as did Aaron's. Hence, Christ's priesthood, being in Resurrection life and Ascension glory, will continue forever, and He will be a priest upon His throne [Zech. 6:13], and a priest forever.)

5 The Lord at Your right hand
Shall strike through kings in the day of His wrath. (The Lord's Day.)

6 He shall judge among the nations, (Cp. Joel 3:9-17. Zech. 14:1-4.)
He shall fill the places with the dead bodies; (I.e. the fallen angels.)
He shall wound the head (Rev. 19:11-21]: the beast, i.e. the Antichrist) over a great land.

7 He shall drink from the brook in the way:
Therefore shall He lift up His head. (He will lift up your head when and if you believe.)

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