Poems by WindSongs

Poems by WindSongs (Georgie Ulberg)


In my dream their faces smile
their essence, yes, is there
In my dream I feel the touch
and sense their presence there
In my dream they speak to me
as if they are not gone
In my dream there are no tears
my heart breaks out in song
In my dream this special place
where nothing loved is lost
In my dream the warming Son
does melt chilling frost
In my dream my spirits free
and uncovered with flesh
In my dream the love we had
does live pure and fresh
In my dream a different realm
ethereal and profound
In my dream those ones I sought
are there but heaven bound


Valley of shadows so long and so wide
seemingly endless with nowhere to hide
Chill of night covers a soul crying there
as dew mingles faintly with tears on the hair
Winged dark creatures now pass overhead
viewed in the moonlight with fear and with dread
Heavy and burdened by wrongs said and done
sins unrepented a judgment to come
Steps in resistance does tire one fast
yoked around the neck are the doubts of the past
Stony high mountains too high is the climb
while carrying sorrows that counted in time
But life's river runs with the turns and the twists
in the midst of the caverns and through twilight's mist
Soft angel voices their distance unknown
as God whispers quiet 'You're never alone'
And there is a dawning an end looming near
when grief has not memory and spirit sees clear
So deep in the valley of shadows are found
what waits just beyond this veil now around


By cover of the morning tree
that grows outside my door
Sing the winged creatures
are choirs to the poor
Open is the window east
to face a new days test
Through it comes the living wind
and in me takes its rest
Early do I come here
for lyrics do I seek
That God may hear my groanings
both out of tune and meek
When then I come to silence no more a sound I make
The rustling of the fallen leaves
does gently me awake
Like those winged creatures
that sing from in that tree
Joyous of the morning
as this I long to be


It is early, not yet light
the remainder of the night
But I open the Book
by the candle I can look

Here I seek my daily bread
by the truth alone am fed
And I drink the water pure
I am nourished, strong and sure

With careful measure map the way
the course I travel on today
For the battles, I prepare
it is the armor that I wear

To my Father I do pray
having many things to say
Of Him, I do request
with His help I do my best

For the world's a wicked place
some do try to abase
Disguised as righteous, speaking love
some have fallen from above

They are slick and know the words
they can twist what I have heard
For their king is not my own
I should leave these alone


Twas the voice in the stillness that told me
And by whisper of slow flowing streams
It passed through the valley of sorrows
Did subtly enter the dreams
The warmth of the breezes took gently
All of the deepest dark fears
Absorbed in its breath was every lost step
While the air gathered up all the tears
Still was there left but a remnant
A seed of the love and light
That grew in the heart of the children
That stood and refused to take flight
Much is unknown of dimensions
A realm that flesh cannot see
But in us a mind of remembrance
The spirit whatever it be
The wind like no other has spoken
Singers of righteousness praise
Every saints prayer is carried to there
To God and to Jesus who raised


Down was I feeling, my soul was in pain
I thought I should seek relief from the rain
I set out to walk in the garden of love
to see of the blessings that come from above
There in the splendor were beautiful trees
and there was a windsong amongst all the leaves
I sat and I rested upon a great rock
and cooled off my feet in a patch of shamrock
Breezy it was, tingled with essence of rose
tender herbs sprouted, I felt their repose
As over, a winged purple martin flew
sweet gentle voice spoke, a spirit I knew
I earnestly prayed by the waters of life
the river that heals all the trouble and strife
Inside I was warmed by way of a spark
heard in a distance was music of larks
I lifted my eyes and saw who was there
many can do friends around everywhere
Echoed about were all of God's words
the air was ethereal and truth it was heard
Here in the garden was all that I need
on all the sweet luscious fruit did I feed
Whenever you suffer, whenever there's pain
the garden of love can be entered again


These times these times the perilous ones
When even the children from playmates must run
These times these times we send them to school
With liberal teachings and no golden rule
These times these times the babes it seems reign
Adolescent decisions their way is of Cain
These times these times so grateful am I
When they return safely beheld by my eyes
These times these times we tuck them in bed
Few are the parents anointing their heads

These times these times the world has grown cold
Not told are the comings the prophets foretold
These times these times the sand's at an end
So gird up your loins for the battle my friends
These times these times are sealed in the mind
Of them that find wisdom and those seeking to find
These times these times the groanings grow loud
Most in a stupor are foolish and proud
These times these times the liar is near
Listen and count them those Trumpets you hear


In the world I went walking
to see who was there
Scattered some seeds
and songs everywhere
Not long out I realized
that all was not right
Many lacked hearing
and have not the sight
Oh valley of bones
twas I at its edge
Above some were poised
to lead from the edge
A few they assaulted
my very beliefs
But what came by silence
held far deeper grief
I cried for a moment
for who may be lost
God's grace and His mercy
though great was the cost
My feet longed to flee
from all round about
Down in the throat
was bridled a shout
Tis not of my power
nor by my command
For mountains are moved
by a mightier hand
In age short the journey
perceived by youth long
Eternal the plenty
the choice right or wrong
What waits veiled beyond
the hopes and the dreams
Is life's very essence
and pure living streams
Them of the world
they cannot believe
But those briefly in it
will gently receive


In times of war and trials and tests
God holds us up to do our best
Each fiery dart we can deflect
by the truth the shield reflects

Part of the whole, but not the same
Are soldiers, stones, with differing names
Kept strong by keeping all commands
for healing, prayers, does God demand

They, the watchmen, stay awake
as some the path in fields do make
others plant the fruitful seed
while warning of the bitter weed

In the world the wicked hide
on God's faithful they have spied
That evil thing they think to do
is known by called and chosen few

Last Days Warning

All in the shadows it would seem
Just as in the nightmare dream
What we see is gray and dark
Beware, beware, and know this mark
Fallen fallen, soon to come
Locust gnawing everyone
A war not fought is one unwon
Nothing new beneath the sun
A southern king whose voice does roar
We give them some but they want more
From where do frigid breezes blow
Even little children know
Don't listen to the liars spin
For the truth is not within
Not hidden but plain it is to thee
Open up the Book and see
Gods will hear the trumpet sound
Different from the peeps around
And those who mutter leaven much
Deceive the unlearned with such
But we must wear the armor strong
To know the right and know the wrong
Even too the hour late
The armies pushing at the gate
Stay you watchmen, keep you high
For our Redeemer, He is nigh

A Perspective of Ago

From beginning to end oh earth with no end
What has been before will be so again
Taken and shaken without and within
Renewed and restored a perpetual spin
Buried beneath all the ashes and stone
Remnants remain of the creatures that roamed
Also lay proof of the cities thereof
Before came destruction from One up above
Was perfect and lush with the dew and the mist
Protected so perfect and none was amiss
Magnificent creatures existed this time
While morning stars sang and rejoiced in sublime
Them with the talent built things that elate
One looked it over and thought of himself
Prideful and wanting this bounty and wealth
With vanities lies convinced he a third
They followed his ways and believed what they heard
GOD, He did groan was angry yet sad
He stretched forth His hand and destroyed what they had
It has been written these things that were done
Evidence there and is searched out by some
What once was the garden will be so once more
In years absent number like sand on the shore


Many the sorrows
Many the pains
Many the nights where the tears are as rain

Many are doubtful
Many are mad
Many are lonely and feeling so sad

Many do nothing
Many do much
Many do long for the spiritual touch

Many run swiftly
Many run not
Many run blindly while missing the plot

Many seek fortunes
Many seek fame
Many seek truth by the holiest name

Many can't see
Many can't hear
Many can't seem to let go of the fear

Many have fallen
Many have slipped
Many have stumbled on stones have they tripped

Many want blessings
Many want more
Many want safety upon peaceful shores

Many don't share it
Many don't care
Many don't reach for the hand that is there

Many will seek it
Many will find
Many will wander with eyes of the blind

Many hear nothing
Many hear songs
Many hear plainly to whom they belong

Many cry loudly
Many cry soft
Many cry silent as drifting aloft

Many they suffer
Many they hurt
Many they find themselves down in the dirt

Many keep trying
Many keep hope
Many keep tight to that knot in the rope

Many see clearly
Many see dim
Many see Jesus their prayers are to Him


The Godly things, the wicked twist
Unclear and veiled within the mist
Just a little shadowed word
Doth taint the former truth you heard
Take them not unto your heart
As dust do shake it, then depart
Guard yourselves, do not despair
If understanding is not there
For blindness can protection be
To the eye that cannot see
For many come, and many preach
Great pretenders, lies they teach
Suffer not, for what you lack
Whitewash, leaking through is black
Lend them not an eager ear
Dry your eyes, shed not a tear
Pray dear brethren, for those souls
That have fallen in the holes
Remember in these final days
To keep your sight set on GOD'S ways


Days of trouble, now they be
Disappointments follow thee
Hotly breathing down the neck
Are those darts we must deflect
This race of life, it is not won
By them that quick to evil run
That crown it goes to righteous men
Who trod and plowed both now and then
Some who prosper have their prize
The greater one's beyond the eyes
Even now, is in our reach
Harken, hear the Teacher teach

Spiritual War..A Testimony

Life is hard for some it seems
Joy escapes their hand
Others have the wealth of gold
The riches of the land
Perceived within the jealous eye
As if they have it all
While many passing over gifts
Are there beyond the wall
Is suffering thus self imposed
One cannot overcome
Heavy hearted unexposed
The doubtful soul grows numb
His darkness made its visit
Left tares within the night
With roots entangled round about
Chocking what is right
By slight of hand they do distract
The plot to turn and twist
Dimming what the light has done
And what the sun has kissed
A strangers voice yet it is known
Faint memory of the past
Whose only goal is to devour
The only Word that lasts
Oh faith, Don't fail the late ones called
Let not the chosen fall
None is left of earthly wealth
When comes the final call


He carries us over the mountains too high
When inward we groan and outward we sigh
He calms torrid waves when the tempest is strong
As hard blows the wind through the nights passing long
He sends out His hands that caress as the sun
Like those that do warm us when summer is young
He holds us upright when our legs have grown week
Lends us His strength when we're humbled and meek
He is the essence of life and of love
With wings that do cover us high up above
He never is far just a whisper away
Faithful as sunrise at each coming day
He shows us great mercy though so undeserved
Even when we from the straight path have swerved
He is there for the asking whatever the need
Quenches the thirsty and hungry He feeds
He is as no other is first and is last
The link to the future and all in the past
He is the Spirit, the Father and Son
The King that is coming, Yahshua, The One


Marching along by the will of the wind
Over and under political spin
Seeing beyond the early despair
Riding out tempests that rise here and there

Building a fortress with truth and with hope
Binding it tightly and knotting the rope
Others can't see it though surely it be
Sealed in the mind as is sent by decree

An army is watching, awaiting the call
With seven trumpets sounding oh many shall fall
Them called to service in armor remain
Stones in the temple and on them a name


Jesus, dear Jesus
oh captain of mind
I'm out in a ocean
no safe port to find
A storm it is threatening
to sink now my boat
Please enter aboard it
to keep it afloat
When first I came sailing
upon this great sea
No waves came in anger
no gale did I flee
I quietly sailed
for many a day
Not minding the signs
in the sky far away
Even fore midnight
did wander adrift
The stars tried to tell me
there's coming a rift
Then a red dawning
said 'Somethings amiss'
The time of my ignorance
lost back in the mist
A strong wind now roaring
soon no thing held back
The air it is thicker
approaching to black
My vessel that once seemed
so grand and so strong
Now feels as a raft
and its future's not long
Unless Lord you hear me
my cries and my pleas
Take hold of the helm
let Your Words calm the breeze
I know I will sink
will never be found
Unless God, You bring me
on shores solid ground
You are my Savior
the souls only hope
Are truth and the Anchor
That knot in the rope


Who is the judge of them that have need
Do some work in secret and plot evil deeds
Who is it that knows the whole of a thing
Do others in secret clip spiritual wings
Who is it that sees everything that we do
Do others in secret think wrong of a few
Who is it that hears all the prayers in the night
Do others in secret stop help that is right
Who is the One that knows of the heart
Do others in secret tear goodness apart
Who is it that saves us from wicked mens days
Do others in secret place walls in our ways
Who is it that answers the cry in the dark
Do others in secret say...they have the mark
Who is the most perfect and quickly to come
Do others in secret make life hard for some
Who is it that holds all the keys in their hands
Do others in secret sew pillows and bands
Who is it that holds what to Him does belong
Do others in secret ever see themselves wrong


Spinning spinning spinning
the web of vain deceit
Liars liars liars
God's children do they cheat

Smokey smokey smokey
the air of which we breathe
Mirrored mirrored mirrored
illusions that we see

Locusts locusts locusts
consuming all things good
Season season season
know it as ye should

Falling falling falling
the angels from above
Preaching preaching preaching
their twisted view of love

Satan Satan Satan
Babylon and war
Worship worship worship
the mystery and whore

Vials vials vials
poured upon the earth
Trumpet trumpet trumpet
the woes have come to birth

Fire fire fire
soon the chaff is burned
Ashes ashes ashes
to this they all be turned

Jesus Jesus Jesus
to you alone we pray
Quickly quickly quickly
the coming of Your day

May We Do These Things

May we speak of God often as truth we do seek,
One to another in clearness of speech.
May always we do this with honest intent,
Even through times we might need just to VENT.
May many the questions so further the goal,
To bind in our hearts all parts of the whole.
May love for another be fruitful and grow,
Like seeds that are planted that God says to sow.
May we help those in sorrow the lost and alone,
Share of the manna with them that now groan.
May He be the center from which answers come,
When worldly intrusions perplex greatly some.
May we judge not the other who may not reveal,
All of the troubles their lives do conceal.
May we pray in the silence at any the hour,
That it be His will in heavenly power.
May we so agree on most basic things,
Salvation came calling by way of a King.
May too we forgive what others have done,
For thus we do gain the same from the Son.


On the wing and a prayer said in the night
Although I was sleeping those words took flight
Landing safely above to God Who does hear
He reached down so gently caressing me near
I viewed the worlds madness and poisonous meat
Golden fields waved in the air of my dreams
But oh there was sadness and trouble it seems
Even here tears of the lost and alone
Gathered together like a stormy seas foam
Woe to the fallen who refused the flesh birth
Many the angels were singing the song
The one of the future not far off and long
My heart it was troubled but for a short time
At first I saw not the reason or rhyme
A little more wisdom a little more sight
The hand of a Comforter knew of my plight
Spirit of hope and promise to come
So I could continue the race to be won
Out of the shadows and into the light
The truth of it all restoration of sight
I asked was I dreaming or was I awake
Never the matter no difference it makes
For what I was asking was answered within
In the realm of ethereal and only by Him


That measure of faith
we each have received
Deep in the heart
of all whom believe
What now is its state
how has it changed?
Has it been lost
or does it remain?
Did it stay in the face
of troubling days?
Did it wain has it flourished
from evil mens ways?
Have you held to it tightly
in tempest and gale?
Have you kept it inside
as the wicked winds wail?
Has it grown and been nourished
by meat of the Word?
Has it been greatly strengthened
with all that you've heard?
Is it as oil
in lamps its contained?
Is it full to the brim
or does space remain?
Will others ask for it
because of their lack?
Will it be at this hour
of midnight and black?
When the Groom comes to claim it
will it be found?
When the final sands fall
will faith make a sound?

Power of Prayer

The power of prayer such a beautiful thing
cries from the heart carried high on the wing
Joined are petitions with saints up above
Heard by our Father and answered with love
Ever be thankful and ever be blessed
Through stormy dark times in His bosom do rest
Soon comes the dawning in brilliant red thread
Behind us the tears we did cry in our bed
Are those sweet angels all singing in praise
When God reaches down through the smoke and the haze
His will sending healing to body and mind
And touching by spirit those seeking to find


This day it seemed as others
Just like the one before
But soon became apparent
We changed for evermore

Our country met with peril
A wicked swarm had come
In the glistening sunlight
The culminated sum

While freshly still remembered
That bright September day
Those gray and deadly winged birds
Devised the perfect way
After was a gathering
Of mothers, wives, and sons
Daughter's raised the standard
These colors never run

For years we thought that never
A greater evil be
But on us is a terror
To steal our Liberty

Cinch ye tight your armor
Freedom's come to war
A clear and present danger
We've never seen before

No time to blindly slumber
That call from watchman's wall
Culling out the Chosen
Our reason after all.


Ever am I thankful
for each and every day
For every rising of the sun
as God's hand shows the way

For ever am I thankful
for each and every word
For what I did not know before
is now by my ears heard

Ever am I thankful
for each and every friend
For once it seemed I was alone
through love the soul did mend

Ever am I thankful
for each and every seed
For time to plant another
in hearts that have a need

Ever am I thankful
for each forgiven sin
For by God's mercy and His grace
a new me can begin

Ever am I thankful
for each and every prayer
For all that's said in Jesus' name
is placed in perfect prayer


It is in our Fathers house
the spirit long to dwell
though now we live in earth's domain
the other fares us well

This journey is a given
and one we all do take
So spend it well in earnest
and all for heavens sake

Though we be as strangers
our purpose it is clear
All for God is righteous
no battle shall we fear


Feast of famine, you must choose
decide it wrong your soul will lose
What in the mind you take and eat
may be the black and poised wheat
You must consume before the fall
that perfect fruit contain all
By God's Word you shall admit
indeed is one with craft and wit
All the gold that's in the field
will not be counted in the yield
But some are gathered up to burn
no tears for them, nor will you yearn
Like ashes blowing in the wind
no more their roots to twine and spin
Their seed is gone, their time is spent
never more can they repent
Yes, feast or famine is the choice
starve or let your heart rejoice
Hear the reapers at the gate
One day more could be to late


Valley of shadows so long and so wide
seemingly endless with nowhere to hide
Chill of night covers a soul crying there
as dew mingles faintly with tears on the hair
Winged dark creatures do pass overhead
viewed in the moonlight with fear and with dread
Heavy and burdened by wrongs said and done
sins unrepented a judgment to come
Steps in resistance does tire one fast
yoked around the neck are the doubts of the past
Stony high mountains too high is the climb
while carrying sorrows that counted in time
But life/s river runs with the turns and the twists
in midst of the caverns and through twilight's mist
Soft angel voices their distance unknown
as God whispers quit 'You're never alone'
And there is a dawning an end looming near
when grief has not memory and spirit sees clear
So deep in the valley of shadows are found
what waits just beyond this veil now around.


One time through
in flesh and bone
This age is but
a temporal home
With wisdom placed
by God Himself
A link!
part of life's chain itself
Waiting silent
in the heart
Those things of which
we are a part
All of what
we really are
is in the soul
and not afar

Beware Communism

Crooks and robbers every one.
Numbered in the total sum
Plotting, scheming night and day
Perverting what the founders say

Trickery and slight of hand
Poisoning the pleasant land
Trying to silence men of truth
Just listen, GOD, He gives the proof

Some good men know we are at war
But think it far on distant shore
It is however here, within
Hear these politicians spin.

While many rest and worry not
The evil sons just plot, plot, plot
At every rising of the sun
Another treasured right is done

Awake! good people, do it now!
Keep liberty alive somehow!
The enemy is at the gate
They're freedoms death,
their way is hate

A High Flying Eagle

Upon my arising I dined on delight
The words fed my soul and my spirit took flight
I studied the reasons the seasons do come
Their passing is taken for granted by some
There are wars being fought and rumored is more
Not all will be waged on a far distant shore
The battle's internal for Gods blessed land
From the beginning the victories planned
What are my duties and where is my place?
No lofty position in this final race
The mission today should I choose to partake
Is planting a seed for eternity's sake
Still I'm aware there is more I can be
But first comes repentance from down on the knee
A high flying eagle with dragons to slay
Armed with Gods truth as His light leads the way