THE FAST OF THE TENTH MONTH Arnold Murray We have just completed the fast of the seventh month. The fast of the seventh month, as it was recorded, was that time when Ishmael slew Gedaliah and created a massacre with all those that were with him. Who placed Gedaliah in power? The king of Babylon. Even today then, who is the king of Babylon? The king of this evil spiritual Babylon is the king of the false nation - the Kenite nation. Do you know who placed Gamiel in office? It took the approval of the prime minister of that nation to grant power and authority for Gamiel to be placed in power and he was killed even as Gedaliah was killed and all that were with him and in a blood bath in the city. It is very prophetic. You were told to watch this five months ago as it was to happen on September 20th or in that bracket, Gamiel was murdered on September 14th or thereafter. As these events took place then by September the 20th, the world had turned to gaze upon these events. So we know then that if in God's prophecy, we are that near and that well on, then the tenth fast is coming up and you had better know what the tenth fast is, what it concerns, who it concerns, and how it shall come to pass. It falls in the brackets of our December 26th which is one day following what we term on the Christian calendar as Christmas Day, which was not one day after Christ's birth but one day after his conception. It was at conception that Christ began to dwell with us. So it is an important day. Some might say he was not really with us until he was born; then why was it that John lept in the womb of his mother when Mary, right after conception, approached. Zechariah 8:19-23 19 Thus saith the LORD of hosts; The fast of the fourth month, and the fast of the fifth, and the fast of the seventh, and the fast of the tenth, shall be to the house of Judah joy and gladness, and cheerful feasts; therefore love the truth and peace, The fast of the seventh was the one just completed. We can receive joy and gladness in seeing prophecy fulfilled, even a massacre, if it serves God's purpose. If it accomplishes what we have tried for years and years to identify a certain people as this type of people - ones that would perform a massacre. They accomplished in one weekend what we have failed overall in the Christian community to do in many years and that is to show who this nation Israel truly is. The word feasts is not in the manuscripts and in the King James it is a solemn set time which applies to the tenth fast. 20 Thus saith the LORD of hosts; It shall yet come to pass, that there shall come people, and the inhabitants of many cities: 21 And the inhabitants of one city shall go to another, saying, Let us go speedily to pray before the LORD, and to seek the LORD of hosts: I will go also. You should seek the Lord of Hosts. If you don't know who you are, then you don't know who your god is. Most Christians today worship a Kenite messiah. They talk to him, they pray to him, he answers and they are happy. 22 Yea, many people and strong nations shall come to seek the LORD of hosts in Jerusalem, and to pray before the LORD. If the people in Jerusalem do not honor Christ, teach Christ, love Christ and will not allow him to be taught to the citizens of the country, then what are you going to Jerusalem for? Not Yeshua, Jesus the Christ, but a false Christ. If you don't have the true Christ, you don't have the Father. Our people are sorely deceived in the world at this time. They were blinded for a very special reason - they don't have the guts to stand up against the false Christ. They were deceived by the antichrist in the world that was. If they knew better, they would be deceived again. So this way, they are not accountable and will have an opportunity in the millennium. 23 Thus saith the LORD of hosts; In those days it shall come to pass, thatten men shall take hold out of all languages of the nations, even shall take hold of the skirt of him that is a Jew, saying, We will go with you: for we have heard that God is with you. This Jew is a single entity - a Kenite. It did not say God is with you; it said we have heard this. They did not hear it from God's word but from men. You have to have a people that worship Christ to find Christ there. The epistles of John state that if you don't have Jesus, you don't have God and therefore are antichrist. The ten were mentioned in Revelation 13, I beheld from the sea (people) ten heads from seven dominions take over and that city was Jerusalem. Watch Jerusalem. WHAT IS THE FAST OF THE TENTH MONTH? This is a parable ultimately which you should learn and understand. Ezekiel 24:1-4 Again in the ninth year, in the tenth month, in the tenth day of the month, the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 2. Son of man, write thee the name of the day, even of this same day: the king of Babylon set himself against Jerusalem this same day. This day was spoken in this verse three times for emphasis. This is important. It was a solemn time set aside. The prophecy of this ninth year and the tenth month and the tenth day came to pass almost three years later in the twelfth year, the tenth month, and the fifth day. Jesus Christ shortened the time of the king of Babylon. He does not have 31/2 years any longer. This parable you were instructed to absorb from the tenth fast as it would apply to ten men or women taking hold of the skirt of a Kenite and saying let us go to Jerusalem for we have heard that God is with you. Take this solemn fast day very serious as that which has happened is on God's plan and time and happened September 20th, the fast of the seventh month. 3 And utter a parable unto the rebellious house, and say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Set on a pot, set it on, and also pour water into it: 4 Gather the pieces thereof into it, even every good piece, the thigh, and the shoulder; fill it with the choice bones. This pot of deception is going to be filled with the lost sheep of the House of Israel. Ezekiel 11:1-12 Moreover the spirit lifted me up, and brought me unto the east gate of the LORD'S house, which looketh eastward: and behold at the door of the gate five and twenty men; among whom I saw Jaazaniah the son ofAzur, and Pelatiah the son of Benaiah, princes of the people. Jaazaniah means heard of Yah. Azur means helpful. Pelatiah means Yah has delivered. Benaiah means Yah has built. In Revelation, 24 elders were before the altar plus the one sitting. Here there are 25 standing at the gate and they are fake. 2 Then said he unto me, Son of man, these are the men that devise mischief, and give wicked counsel in this city: The city is Jerusalem and this 11th chapter of Ezekiel is part of the Acrostics of Eleven. 3 Which say, It is not near; let us build houses: this city is the caldron, and we be the flesh. A caldron is a pot. The city is the pot and they are the flesh in it. They are thinking protection. People say "it's not near, God isn't coming". 4 Therefore prophesy against them, prophesy, O son of man. 5 And the Spirit of the LORD fell upon me, and said unto me, Speak; Thus saith the LORD; Thus have ye said, O house of Israel: for I know the things that come into your mind, every one of them. The Father says I know what you think, you don't put something past me. 6 Ye have multiplied your slain in this city, and ye have filled the streets thereof with the slain. He is referring to Jerusalem today. The slain are dead to the truth. 7 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Your slain whom ye have laid in the midst of it, they are the flesh, and this city is the caldron: but I will bring you forth out of the midst of it. The Father is saying they aren't getting off that easy; he will judge them. 8 Ye have feared the sword; and I will bring a sword upon you, saith the Lord GOD. This sword is the sword from our mouth when Christ speaks through you. 9 And I will bring you out of the midst thereof, and deliver you into the hands of strangers, and will execute judgments among you. He is delivering them to strangers because most people believe that strangers are God's chosen people today. They are ignorant of God's word and don't know who they are much less who the Kenites are. 10 Ye shall fall by the sword; I will judge you in the border of Israel; and ye shall know that I am the LORD. God wants both the heathen and Israel to know he is the Lord. Every battle in the Middle East now is a religious war. 11 This city shall not be your caldron, neither shall ye be the flesh in the midst thereof; but I will judge you in the border of Israel: The city again is Jerusalem. 12 And ye shall know that I am the LORD: for ye have not walked in my statutes, neither executed my judgments, but have done after the manners of the heathen that are round about you. The people have picked up the ways of the heathen and teach them in their churches. They don't know any better. We are going to have to stand against the antichrist for them. This is God's plan and has to be done his way. Ezekiel 24: 5-27 5 Take the choice of the flock, and burn also the bones under it, and make it boil well, and let them seethe the bones of it therein. They are to take a pot, put it on the fire, take the choice scholars and super preachers and they will be tested. The word bones after burn also should be wood. The meat is to be cooked to the point of where it starts to fall off the bone. 6 Wherefore thus saith the Lord COD; Woe to the bloody city, to the pot whose scum is therein, and whose scum is not gone out of it! bring it out piece by piece; let no lot fall upon it. The citizens of Jerusalem today call it the bloody city. The scum is still in the city. Every last one of them will be placed under God's judgment. 7 For her blood is in the midst of her; she set it upon the top of a rock; she poured it not upon the ground, to cover it with dust; The blood that was poured out was that of Jesus Christ on Golgotha called that because it looks like a skull. He paid the price and opened the way and we should rejoice in this thing for that reason. 8 That it might cause fury to come up to take vengeance; I have set her blood upon the top of a rock, that it should not be covered. Vengeance belongs to the Lord and he does this on the last day, the Great Day. The blood is there and will stay there. 9 Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Woe to the bloody city! I will even make the pile for fire great. God is going to make the fire hot. 10 Heap on wood, kindle the fire, consume the flesh, and spice it well, and let the bones be burned. 11 Then set it empty upon the coals thereof, that the brass of it may be hot, and may burn, and that the filth/ness of it may be molten in it, that the scum of it may be consumed. Cook it until the meat falls off the bones and the bones are practically disintegrated and then turn the pot over and get it so hot that the rust pops off of it. 12 She hath wearied herself with lies, and her great scum went not forth out of her: her scum shall be in the fire. The filth of Jerusalem today is so bad that you could cook it in this manner and not only would the pot still stink but so would the ground. Churches are turned into harlot houses because they herd Christians to worship the supposedly chosen people of God who make a mockery of the crucifixion. They think they do God's business. 13 In thy filthiness is lewdness: because I have purged thee, and thou wast not purged, thou shalt not be purged from thy filthiness any more, till I have caused my fury to rest upon thee. God will take vengeance on the last day of this dispensation. That is why this tenth is the last for they can't be cooked any more than that. God is not happy with the murder and the rampage and the lies that cover the world now. Soon those ten will take hold out of all nations. To be a part of witnessing against this, you need eyes to see and ears to hear. It doesn't matter what the others say. 14 I the LORD have spoken it: it shall come to pass, and I will do it; I will not go back, neither will I spare, neither will I repent; according to thy ways, and according to thy doings, shall they judge thee, saith the Lord GOD. The they is the zadok of Ezekiel chapter 44, the elect. 15 Also the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, The following explains our emotions at the end and how we should react when we see all those Christians chasing after the antichrist - how we should handle ourselves. 16 Son of man, behold, I take away from thee the desire of thine eyes with a stroke: yet neither shalt thou mourn nor weep, neither shall thy tears run down. A stroke is where a blood clot shuts off blood flow to the brain and if blood cannot reach the brain, one cannot think and that is what is going to happen to our people. This was Ezekiel's wife and as it happened to her, it will happen to our people. They won't be able to think spiritually. 17 Forbear to cry, make no mourning for the dead, bind the tire of thine head upon thee, and put on thy shoes upon thy feet, and cover not thy lips, and eat not the bread of men. Don't cry over those who worship the false messiah. The bread we are suppose to eat is the body of Christ. There will be an antichrist and false bread which is the bread of men. The prince of this earth will be here at that time. In other words, your wife is going to die but don't mourn about it. The clothing we are to keep on is the gospel armor. Don't let some false Christ come in and take your reward at the last minute. Men tells you of the rapture and Christ returns first. Don't eat men's bread. 18 So I spake unto the people in the morning: and at even my wife died; and I did in the morning as I was commanded. In Acts chapter 2, it was 9 AM when the people began to speak in that heavenly voice that all understood. Here it is morning also. 19 And the people said unto me. Wilt thou not tell us what these things are to us, that thou doest so? The people want to know what Ezekiel is doing as his wife died and he is not in mourning. 20 Then I answered them, The word of the LORD came unto me, saying, 21 Speak unto the house of Israel, Thus saith the Lord COD; Behold, I will profane my sanctuary, the excellency of your strength, the desire of your eyes, and that which your soul pitieth; and your sons and your daughters whom ye have left shall fall by the sword. God's sanctuary is in the Holy City, Mount Zion which will be profaned. The sword is the sword of lies that spew from Satan's mouth which is the water of Revelation Chapter 12. They die to the truth. 22 And ye shall do as I have done: ye shall not cover your lips, nor eat the bread of men. This bread is part of a tradition. If someone passes away, usually the community brings food called the mourning food. When they feel sorry for you, don't you take it. They will be coming to say to you, "why don't you love Jesus; he is in Jerusalem. He wants to embrace and hold you." Only the wise shall not be deceived. Only the true followers of Christ know Christ. God said "I shall profane my sanctuary." 23 And your tires shall be upon your heads, and your shoes upon your feet: ye shall not mourn nor weep; but ye shall pine away for your iniquities, and mourn one toward another. It will be a glad and rejoicing time for the elect. You will pine away for their sins. The firstfruits will know what is going on and if you want to mourn, feel sorry for the sins the people are committing but take no part in it. 24 Thus Ezekiel is unto you a sign: according to all that he hath done shall ye do: and when this cometh, ye shall know that I am the Lord GOD. Ezekiel is a sign. As it happened to him in this parable, it will happen to us. Our brethren are going to die. That beautiful so-called church will have a stroke and will lose their minds and go whoring after the antichrist. We need to be aware of the hour and know what the fast of the tenth month is so that when you see it, you will know what is expected of you. 25 Also, thou son of man, shall it not be in the day when I take from them their strength, the joy of their glory, the desire of their eyes, and that whereupon they set their minds, their sons and their daughters, 26 That he that escapeth in that day shall come unto thee, to cause thee to hear it with thine ears? The one who escaped Jerusalem was Jesus Christ. He will come and talk to you personally and that is a promise. 27 In that day shall thy mouth be opened to him which is escaped, and thou shalt speak, and be no more dumb: and thou shalt be a sign unto them; and they shall know that I am the LORD. You can be so sure of yourself when you are delivered up that you will not premeditate (Mark 13). Never before in history has a group of people had such an opportunity to serve God for the good of our brethren that are blinded. The tenth fast falls on December 26th (that is the date on the Hebrew calendar that falls on our calendar). In the year it falls upon, thus it shall happen. A system will be set in place and it shall operate for approximately 5 months. So be on guard. No man knows the time but we have been warned by the slaughter of Gedaliah and Gamiel on the fast of the seventh month.