(1)<----- Greeting & Benediction. Thanksgiving, Exhortation, Paul's Sufferings & Desertion. Prayer for Onesiphorus's Household
(2) Charges Connected With The Gospel - Grace, Soldier, Athlete, Husbandman, Partaking of Fruits, Wisdom. Charge: Aim of the Enemy - Subversion & Ensnaring, Workman, Shun Nonsense, Gangrene, Error, Vessels, Flee & Avoid, Bond-servant
(3) The Last Days - Their Character. Paul's Sufferings. Exhortation - All Scripture Divinely Inspired of God for Doctrine, Reproof, Correction, Instruction
(4) Charge - Preach The Word. At Time Will come When They Won't Hear it. Epistolary - Private & Personal: Helpers, Opponents, Salutations