(1)<----- Introduction. Benediction. Exhortation: Diligence - Positive & Negative. Peter. Apostles & Prophets
(2) The Wicked: Judgment. Ungodly of Old Times - Angels, The Flood, Sodom & Gomorrha. Ungodly of Latter Time - Fleshly Lusts & Presumption, Angels, Balaam. Followers: Seducers - Their Method & Their Promise, The Seduced - Their Past Escapes & Their Apostasy
(3) The Wicked: The Coming - Scoffed at, Willful Ignorance & warning against it, Past & Future Judgment & Divine Period. Day of The Lord: Comes unexpected, Heavens and earth age destroyed, Re-Creation & Righteousness. Exhortation. Confirmation by Paul, Knowledge of The Lord