(1)<----- Concerning Christ - Cause of Writing: Test of Fellowship
(2)Test of Knowing God, Being in The Light, Loving God. Antichrist - Rejection of Truth & The Lie. Protection Against Antichrist: The Word Heard - Abiding in It, His Promise - Eternal Life, The Anointing - Abiding in Them, His Teaching - Truth. Confidence Through Abiding in Him. His Righteousness - Born of Him
(3) Love: Father's & Sons Toward Us. Effect - Inward Purity: Sin's Character - Lawless, Christ Manifested - Reason, Test of Abiding, Warning Against Deceivers. Righteousness: Sins Origin - Lawless, Christ Manifested - Reason, Test of Begotten of God. Outward Manifestation: Character of 2 Classes, Origin of Cain, The Wold's Choice, Test of the 2 States, Cain's Followers. Effect Upon Us: Love Manifested to the Brethren, Proof of Our State Before God, Commandment of God, Proof of His Abiding in Us
(4) Antichrist: Discrimination & Test of Spirits. Love: Call & Command to Love the Brethren, Proof of God's Love to Us & Ours to God, God's Love 1st, Love Perfected. Hereby & Herein...Because, God's Indwelling & Dwelling in God
(5) Christ: Belief in Christ, Witness to Us that He Has Come